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If we don't buy the proof, we won't sell the product.

You came here for the truth - not unsupported or unsupportable claims

The only meaningful truth about any health product is whether or not it helps, supports, relieves or cures - does it do, for you, what it promised to do. Which is why HerbaLab will never make a claim for any product that we do not know to be clinically and scientifically true.

If our name is on the label it also stands behind it.

We really are our own toughest customers. We turn down many, many more products than we choose to sell. HerbaLab maintains strategic alliances with a number of research companies. Through their knowledge and our mutual experience and expertise, we seek opportunities to license the right to tell you the truth about new and innovative natural health products. In other words, to put our name on them and behind them. Before that can happen, through the research houses, we seek to answer and validate a list of tough questions - questions you would want us to ask on your behalf.

When it's a question of health, we all want to know...

Does the scientific and clinical literature of the day support or validate the claims being made for the product?

Do the observations and experience of the past, and the professional opinion of the day, help me understand what to expect realistically from the product?

Will the product be safe?

Does the product meet or exceed the quality control and quality assurance standards of the day? That is - will what it says on the label mirror exactly what is inside the bottle?

If, for any reason, we're not 100% satisfied with the answers to these and other tough questions, the product will never be good enough for HerbaLab. And if it isn't good enough for us, it is certainly not good enough for you, our customer.