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What’s going on inside our bodies? The mineral “wheel” is The Wheel of Life. If you spin it, you gamble your health! Every mineral interacts with others.
Your optimal health depends on all of them.

“Wheel” is just a convenient device to easily illustrate the vital working relationships between your body's essential minerals. In the example, we've shown 23 of the principal minerals. Calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, sodium, etc. There are 50 more, some present only as traces.

The “spokes” of the wheel show the network of connections between roughly one third of the total number of minerals in your body. If all the connections between all 74 were added, the circle would be filled!)

Some minerals have only one or two connections. If their “spokes"” have arrows pointing only away from them, their only purpose is to react with another mineral and trigger or influence their partner's activities. If spokes have arrows each way, both partner minerals need each other.

Some have many partners. Calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), copper (Cu) and potassium (K) are examples.

Balance is everything! Our body's chemistry is a remarkable web of mineral interconnections. If we think of it as a recipe for healthy body fluids, then each ingredient must be present in the correct proportion. For example, if one mineral's role is to inhibit the bio-chemical activity of a partner mineral, it must be present in the necessary volume. This “mineral interference” is critical to maintaining bio-chemical balance in the body's cells and tissues.

High-purity fossilized coral has all 74 minerals and elements found in the human body - in the same balanced, proportionate amounts. Many calcium supplements on the market today lack this mineral balance.

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