Hands up, if this is you!

The many miseries of eyes, nose, throat and chest.

Those of us who suffer from asthma, or hay fever or other allergies, or must live or work in polluted environments, can be excused for feeling we’re surrounded by invisible enemies. We’re constantly under attack. Pollens, spores, pet dander, moulds, fumes, smoke, stale workplace air – the list is depressingly long. As is the list of all-too-familiar allergic and respiratory reactions and conditions. And, even though there are particularly bad days or seasons, we still have to live with and manage our symptoms all year ‘round.

However, there is relief. Hay fever relief, allergy relief, relief from respiratory conditions, and relief for asthmatic symptoms.

HerbaLab relief was created, literally, with you in mind.

We tried to understand who our products were intended to help, and what you would expect and hope for from the products. Despite some exaggerated claims, sadly, there’s no magic pill “cure”. But you already know that.

We believe that you are someone who wants short-term management – RELIEF! – from symptoms of a condition, or you may want short-term management or elimination of symptoms associated with other health products you are using. You may want to lessen your need for other products. Certainly, you want to feel improvement in the quality of your life and your energy to enjoy it.


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